Kupolės is a Lithuanian skincare brand producing natural hydrosols.


"Kupolė" in Lithuanian means collected flowers and plants during the Midsummer’s day celebration that were believed to have magical powers.


The word hydrosol is combined from two words, "hydro" meaning water and "sol" meaning solution.


Hydrosols are natural waters that are made during the steam distillation of flowers and plants. They have small amounts of essential oils, around 0.2%, which are produced during the same distillation process. Water takes over the qualities of the plant, that nourish skin and hair.


Kupolės hydrosols are 100% natural, alcohol-free and without preservatives. The plants and flowers are hand-picked from Lithuanian fields and forests and natural mineral water is used during the distillation process. They are perfect for skin hydration, some can even be used to revive hair. Each type of hydrosol brings its own benefits to the skin and subtle aromatherapy. Hydrosols are incredibly gentle waters, safe for all ages and even sensitive skin.